Huge vtg 5000 card staple bulk lot unique legacy common rare MTG Collection gift

This is not your average bulk. I will be putting below what is GUARANTEED in each lot. These lots are HAND picked by me to assure quality. You are getting 125+ staples / cards worth. 50-1.00 (think slivers, counterspells, etc) Along with 200+ Bulk rares and foils. And 300+ revised – the dark cards. 300+ […]


MTG Huge Card Collection Legacy-Frontier Rare Mythic Foil Sealed x4 WAR Sheet

This listing is for a huge Magic the Gathering card collection containing somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 cards. I sell off my collection about every 10 years to cash in on my investments and clear out my inventory. Everything pictured is included and because I can only upload 12 photos many things not pictured […]


Huge mtg lot rares and more vintage locker find magic the gathering

Huge mtg lot rares and more vintage locker find magic. Cards included from these sets. Odyssey Future Sight Prophecy Planeshift Planar Chaos Unglued Tormet Urzas destiny Mercadian Masques Exodus 7th edition Stronghold Nemesis. There are tons of cards here. All in the pages with tons of duplicates in each slip. I see all kinds of […]


HUGE magic the gathering collection INVASION Binder Card MTG LOT With Rare Foils

HUGE magic the gathering collection INVASION Binder Card LOT W/ Rares Foils. Includes everything exactly as pictured. Over 200 Rares and Foils + over 2,000 Invasion cards in total. The first 8 pictures of the binder and part of the 9th picture are ALL Foils. Condition will vary from played to mint however almost all […]


Huge lot of magic the gathering cards, commander, modern 800+ rare collection

This is for all my magic cards that I own. Over 800 rares with any that are 3 dollars and over listed below (using the tcgplayerapp) and well over a thousand commons and uncommons. Some more rares have been mixed in with the commons and uncommons but I haven’t really felt like searching them. The […]


Huge Magic The Gathering Cards Lot Mystic Rares Foils Uncommons Card Sleeves

Please feel free to request further photos of the rares and mythicals. Huge Magic The Gathering Lot booster packs, core sets starter packs huge collection. Plenty of mystic rares, rares and foils hundreds and hundreds of cards some still sealed as seen in photos. Lot includes all the cards photographed in the boxes + all […]