Lotus Petal Kaladesh Inventions Masterpiece Black Bordered Foils Playset 4 4x x4

Hello Magic the Gathering community! Play-set of lotus petals (total of 4 copies). They are all pack fresh, but most masterpiece cards have print abnormalities on the back. The most common is going to be a very thin line that runs horizontal or vertically (Only visualized at certain angles). The front surface on all of […]

Lotus Vale x4 Playset WTH Weatherlight Magic MTG Card Light Play

You are purchasing 4x Lotus Vale (Weatherlight) Non-Foil Cards from the Magic: The Gathering TCG. The cards you receive will be in Lightly Played condition. If check out is completed orders will be forwarded according to the above. If you’re not sure how to send an invoice, I’d be happy to assist you. The item […]