Massive MTG collection (Vintage) Rare’s, Foils and Uncommons 110kg/240lbs

MTG Vintage lot: Rare’s, Foils and Uncommons. I had originally sorted the collection into lots, however after many requests I decided to sell it in one big lot. From what I have seen it seems that rares and foils have been mixed in, I do not know why my uncle has organized it like this […]


Massive Unsearched 45lbs+ MTG Vintage Cards Collection Rare Magic the Gathering

Massive Unsearched 45lbs MTG Vintage Cards Collection. The collection belonged to a guy in his 30s who had moved out of his parents house a year earlier and left the collection behind. His mother, who wanted to tirn his old room into a sewing room was tired of storing them and put the collection (all […]

Massive Lot of Magic Cards MTG Revised, Unlimited, Beta, Legends, SUPER RARES

It’s been nearly that long since I’ve played and it’s finally time to say goodbye to these guys. Most of these cards have seen little to no gameplay, while others have, at worst, moderate wear. This set includes Pyramids, Bayou, 2x Savannah including one from Beta, 4x Taigas, Tropical Island, Tundra, Underground Sea Volcanic Island […]

MTG Massive Drafter Standard Modern Collection Rares/Mythics Hundreds Boosters

385 (Three Hundred Eighty-Five) Battle for Zendikar Boosters including 3 factory sealed boxes!!!! 1x ulamog, the ceaseless hunger. 1x sire of stagnation. 5x ob nixilis reignited. 1x kozilek, the great distortion. 1x kalitas, traitor of ghet. 1x sorin, grim nemesis. 1x jace, unraveler of secrets. 1x thalia, heretic cathar. 3x greenwarden of murasa. 1x gideon, […]