BGS 10 QUAD Black Label Summer Magic Balance Magic MTG Graded

Balance from Summer Magic, graded by Beckett. Overall grade is 10, while subgrades are: centering 10, corners 10, edges 10, surface 10. The case (not the card) is signed by the artist, Mark Poole. Please check the scans. It’s hard to explain the rarity of this card. A Summer Magic Balance is already an ultra […]

BGS 9 Quad Alpha Mox Ruby Magic MTG Graded

Mox Ruby from Alpha, graded by Beckett. Overall grade is 9, while subgrades are: centering 9, corners 9, edges 9, surface 9. Please check the scans. This is your chance to invest in a piece of history, high graded cards like this one are extremely undervalued in comparison to those in other collectibles like sports […]