Ultimate Masters Booster Box MTG Magic the Gathering SEALED RARE Modern EDH

I have for sale a sealed booster box of Ultimate Masters. It contains a box toppera premium foil cardand the set overall has tons of value in the mythics, rares, and uncommons. It’s perfect to crack and perfect to draft. Please reach out if you have any questions. Ultimate Masters Booster Box MTG Magic the […]

MTG Ultimate Masters Lot Liliana, Tarmogoyf, Cavern of Souls, & Many Top Rares++

All cards are NM-Mint comes in binder with all cards shown that’s all foils uncommons and extra rares. Liliana of the Vail. Back to Basics x3. Life from the Loam x4. Ulamog the Infinite Gyre. Goryo’s Vengeance x3. All is Dust x1. All is Dust (Foil) x1. Sleight of Hand Foil x2. Devoted Druid Foil […]