Mtg Full EDH Deck Kenrith, the Returned King Group Hug Lots of Rares/Mythics

One of the coolest additions from Eldraine, Kenrith (and his family) brings an awesome commander to the group hug archetype. You can play a traditional group hug game, helping out the table (“nothing to see here style”) but Kenrith is able to turn the corner very quickly due to its abilities. Combine that with the […]


Mtg Full EDH Deck Brago, King Eternal Value Blinks Lots of Rare/Mythic

You are purchasing (1) fully built Brago, King Eternal Value Blink Deck. This commander is incredible at doing things that you don’t normally see a Blue White Deck doing. His ability to blink any non-land permanent allows him the ability to ramp you with artifact mana, cheat big creatures into play with manifest synergies, and […]