Magic the Gathering Dual Land Bayou Card Higher Grade Revised, NOT Beta Alpha

This listing is for a Revised Bayou Dual Land. No scratches on the face, and only a couple very light none color breaking scratches on the back. On the Face side at the top there is dent, and on the back the corners have some white. Most of the back corner wear is barley noticeable. […]


DINOS UNLEASHED! -100 Card Magic the Gathering Commader Deck-Rares- Gishath-MTG

Its all-out epic war as a herd of monstrous dinosaurs-led by Gishath, Sun’s Avatar-overwhelm your opponent in a clash for the ages! T-rex, raptors, and monstrosaur! ALL CARDS ARE IN NEAR-MINT TO LIGHT-PLAY CONDITION WITH OLDER CARDS SHOWING MORE WEAR. CARDS MAY BE FROM OTHER SETS THAN ONES PICTURED ABOVE. 1x Gishath, Sun’s Avatar. 1x […]


Magic the Gathering MTG Covetous Dragon 80/143 Foil Japanese Rare

Please contact me if you find any items cheaper than my listing. I will sell it at the lowest price. I will accept offers to lower the price, so please contact me. ??????????????????????????????????? Please contact me directly to negotiate the price? Foil “Covetous Dragon” [UDS] Japanese. Please make sure to check the condition with the […]