Entire Magic The Gathering MTG Collection-Mythic, Rare, Dual Land, Planeswalker

This includes: 12 pre-built decks, a whole binder of mythics, rares, foils and rare lands, holo full art lands, and thousands of other cards, Also, all my sleeves, dice, boxes, holders and equipment. Also, 7 booster packs of Kaladesh and 7 booster packs of Aether Revolt (14 boosters total) that I never got to open […]

My entire MtG collection, rare book, modern staples, thousands of c+u

This is my entire MtG collection. Unfortunately bills come first. This is not picked through i just need it all gone now. In this collection: -At least 290 rares -Modern staples -Full art land -Thousands of command and Uncommons -Set of red matte Dragon sleeves used once at SCG Open Charlotte this year -boxes -Collectors […]