MTG Reserved List Bazaar of Baghdad Repack! + 2 Time Spiral Remastered Pack

Welcome To My Personal Collection. I have been collecting and playing the game since 1995. This is my only Bazaar! Edited: Now changed to 2 Time. What is this Repack? Guaranteed 2 factory sealed Time Spiral Remastered booster pack. Guaranteed 1 10-Card Vintage Repack. Guaranteed C ards only from Unlimited, Legends, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, and […]


MtG Reserved List Magic the Gathering City of Shadows NM Rare The Dark RL Land

Welcome to Ghirapur Toys! Our goal is to provide high-grade, authentic vintage. Cards to anyone looking for them. City of Shadows is part of the exclusive group of out-of-print and highly sought-after Magic cards known as the Reserved List. And to be clear, if you are looking for the cheapest moderately played or even lightly […]